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Herbal Salves

Harvested in New England on Narragansett + Wampanoag territory, organic herbs are engulfed in oil to solar infuse throughout the summer.

Blended with local beeswax, vitamin e,

shea + cocoa butter, these salves
can provide aid for various ailments. 

Ritual Ware

Intentionally created goods to aid

in personal rituals + sacred practices.
Handcrafted brooms, table top alters, ceramic cauldrons + nature chains,
all ritual ware is imbued with reiki

+ designed for the highest vibrations. 


20  40  60 minute reiki sessions

where you relax and let the reiki

flow throughout your chakras.

A meditative energy practice, 

reiki has the ability to aid in
relieving mental and physical stress.

Tea Blends

Custom tea blends using
organic and sustainably sourced herbs to aid in a variety of mental
+ physical ailments
with the goal to aid the nourishment
of the body and soul. 

Energy Cleansing

Occasionally energy needs to be cleared out from a home or office.

A combination of sacred rituals,
smoke clearing, reiki energy, 

+ protection magic 

assist in clearing unsettled energy. 

Yoga Flow

A customized yoga practice
to aid in getting what you need. Collaborative working together to create a sequence that fits your lifestyle + limitations,

we will build a practice together. 


Interested in a consultation? Please reach out!

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