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Urticaria dioica | Stinging Nettles | Little Compton, RI 

Throughout my early twenties,
I felt disconnected from nature
+ disconnected from my body. 

I sought out natural remedies,
identified the plants in my back yard,
but still felt that I needed a proper introduction
to the plants and their healing powers. 

Serendipitously, I met a herbalist that invited me
join her CSA of products organically grown, harvested, and crafted in Providence, RI.
After the first basket of goodies - ranging
from dried herbs for teas, to salves, oils + 
to aid in a variety of ailments - I was hooked on learning all I could about the plants growing in
Southern New England that were accessible to me.

During the summer of 2017
attended a week-long immersive
Level One Herbalism Certification Course

with Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs of Providence,
on her herb farm in West Greenwich, RI. 

Engulfing myself in her herbal production garden with other like-minded budding herbalists, I learned about the magic these common herbs hold, and how plants can help us lead healthier lifestyles. 

rose hippie herbals
began as I experimented with creating
herbal tonics, salves and teas,

intended to aid family and friends
suffering from various ailments. 

As I work on perfecting these small batch herbal recipes, utilizing plants that have been sustainably
wildcrafted from my local environments,
I want to be able to offer products

at an approachable price point for those who may

not be familiar with herbal remedies. 

I hope that through rose hippie herbal products 

you will learn to embrace and love
the healing powers of plants too!

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